Blessed Month – June 2016

In 2 days time, it will be Kryston’s full month party. Times flies … Soon confinement auntie will be leaving. Our family will miss her wonderful cooking & her cute dialogue with Kryston. Bret likes her cooking. After two weeks with us, I can conclude she is a Baby Whisperer and she truly loves babies. This pregnancy I only turn to Google for breast feeding stuffs, there was no need to ask google about newborn related, we ask auntie. Beside making sure baby is growing well, she takes very good care of me and Leia too.

 One afternoon, Kryston was sleeping and auntie was about to nap. Leia carried her little mattress, pillow & blanket into the room. Leia insisted she wants to sleep with auntie. Auntie was more than happy to know Leia likes her :))

This year Father’s Day, I ordered Hai Di Lao Steamboat Delivery . It was Auntie Ruilian first time trying Hai Di Lao. We were impressed by their delivery service. Auntie said in Cantonese “好厉害”. My parents, mil & auntie had a cheery time cooking and chatting. 

After a hearty steamboat dinner, Bret and I were resting on bed. We could hear the “aunties” chatting in the living room. We felt blessed that both our parents have terrific relationship. 

June happened to be confinement auntie birthday month and on her actual day, we bought a fruit cake to celebrate with her. I also treated auntie a massage session from my regular massuse as birthday gift. 

Cozy celebration with mil & our great helper, Lisa. 

Got to know my confinement lady through vbff. I can always count on her recommendation. When she says good, sure is good. Grateful to the ever-gorgeous & smart Caiyan. 

This morning Bret and I had a newborn review appointment with Paediatric. As I forgot to inform auntie, I told her she need not cook my breakfast. She looked concerned that I didn’t eat breakfast at home. Then she went kitchen to cook. I thought she was cooking for herself until she surprised me with …

Auntie hurriedly served to the table : “可以吗?这是最快的” Leia in her red uniform ran to table and helped herself. The portion was perfect for three of us. I am truly touched by her kind and caring gesture. 

Having Auntie Ruilian as our confinement lady, we get to enjoy a month of delicious, nutritious home cooked food and Kryston is growing very well too. 

God’s grace.  Thankful. 

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