My little ones 

Kryston looks a little different everyday. At day 3, he had single eyelids…

And it was not long… his double eyelids were out. 

On the whole, his features resembles Bret … except he has double eyelids now. We love his hair very much too. 

Kryston likes his Sister to be around him … the moment she is near, he calms down and looks for her voice. 

Leia says she misses her little Brother a lot everyday. Back from school, she would look for him. As a big Sister, she gets to feed her baby Brother. 

The way they looked at each other was sweet. 

In bed, our family of four embraced the pure happiness of children’s milestone & loving moment. 

Currently, Kryston sleeps with our confinement nanny. On weekend, Leia spends her time in the nanny’s room playing, reading or even doing assessment book on her own while baby boy sleeps in the playpen. 

I’m so looking forward to days ahead. 

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