Baby Boy, Kryston Khoo 

One evening, I experienced an unusually hard baby bump and was feeling uncomfortable & breathless as I walked. Did a check with my gynae and she suggested making a trip to hospital. Bret and I were expecting delivery in the weekend. 

At the hospital, we waited 10hrs for baby arrival. 

After our boy had his length & weight measured, the nurse encouraged me to breastfeed him. Bret & I had 30mins of private time with baby at the labour ward. 

Here’s the first picture of my baby boy. 

First thought… He looks like Bret and .. soon the whole world think alike. All along, friends have been telling us Leia looks like me. Now I realise it is a nice feeling to have child looking like hubby too. Mil was smiling so much to see “little Bretson”. 

My parents & Leia arrived shortly. They have been waiting for this day. 

Leia was really sweet and she asked  to carry her baby Brother. 

The moment Bret and I had imagined on this special day.

Selfie with baby boy. 

Using the beauty plus app 😊

Love you baby Kryston. 

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