Update at 37 weeks Pregnancy

Last Wednesday, baby Khoo weighs about 2.5kg. A week has passed, I guess he’s probably 2.8kg now. My gynae estimates he is likely 3kg at birth… so I’m going back to see her on 30th May. 

Meanwhile, I’m cooping with restless nights of tossing and turning in bed as well as night pee whenever the pressure is on my bladder. Occasionally I may get mild leg cramps during sleep time. To help me relax, Bret gently massages my feet and calf every night before I sleep. 

I have engaged prenatal housecall massage on a weekly basis to reduce swelling and muscle tension relieve. After the massage, I feel really good. It’s better than the massage I get when I’m not pregnant. Having a session at 4pm later… Something I really look forward to. 

Appetite is small as there is limited room for my stomach as baby Khoo grows. After every meal, I get a bit of heartburn. Everyone who sees me goes “wow your stomach is so big now!” 

Bret and Leia kisses my baby bump all the time talking to baby Khoo. Little girl likes to Whisper to my bump. I’m looking forward to see both Sister & Brother interact in person.

A Friend once told me, “I don’t feel like looking at the mirror when I’m pregnant.” That is so true… 

Yet when I’m so heavily bloated & feeling ugly, Bret would look at me like I’m the most desirable person on earth. Mixed feelings. I can’t wait to do my hair after confinement. 

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