Rose Veranda with my Mum 

Last Friday I brought my mum to one of my Favourite high tea. And I knew she would like the place. 

The variety of tea was wonderful. I had “Sweet Kiss”, a pink delicate fruity tea. My mum and I were in moment of girly indulgence like a tea party. 

Chef Perry was very warm and he walks around ensuring the ladies were enjoying themselves. A true gentleman, he served my mum dim sum. She was very pleased 🙂 

And Chef Perry personally made a bowl of laksa for me. 

I love Creme brûlée & the macaroons were not too sweet, just right. 

The surprise: I made a reservation indicating it was for my mum’s birthday, the elegant waitresses suddenly appeared with a chocolate cake & birthday song. We had a Polaroid shot for memory too. 

Our first Mother & Daughter high tea. Mum took several pictures of the place & desserts. She was over the moon and eager to share her experience with my siblings. 

I do what I can to make people around me & my family happy. 

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