Chloe’s 6th Birthday Party at Kidszania

A good Friend & colleague of mine hosted her daughter’s birthday party at Kidszania. Driving to Sentosa brings this vacation feel.

Quite a walk from Beach Station carpark but we made it.

A selfie with my drama girl. She can’t wait to have fun.

After buffet lunch, Leia activated her bank card at May Bank.

We reached kidszania at 1pm for buffet lunch & party

All 43 kids received their goodie bags with joy. Leia has a buddy, Eva. Initially both girls of them were shy but after warming up, they just gel.

Leia & Eva started her jobs at 3pm and she chose fireman occupation to begin with. The children were briefed on fire safety, exercise

And time for some water hose action.

Then Leia joined Qatar Airway as a cabin crew. Pilot is a popular choice but parents will not be able to participate as the role of passenger.

Leia did announcement & served us food on the “plane”.

Next, Leia became a kitchen crew at KFC where she learnt to make chicken fillet burger.

Parents will like this because it’s open concept and we get to sit down and watch. Also the chicken fillet burger was delicious.

At 6pm, Eva and her family had to leave for Mother’s Day dinner. The girls were reluctant to be apart. As parents, it was heartwarming to see how girls bond and cherish friendships.

Last job at Kidzani, museum curator. Leia gets to dress up as little Nyonya and discover penarakan culture.

20 mins later, Leia earned cash again. Last stop was withdraw cash from her atm card. The cash can be used for future visits & Bret says we can return to Kidszania. Glad to hear that!

It’s been a fruitful family time for us.

Note: If possible, have your child to visit Kidszania with a buddy as the queuing time for popular occupations can be 20mins or more and the kids will be on their own at waiting area.

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