The Panasonic Breadmaker SD-P104 : Rapid Bread 

Inspired by my Friend who owns a bread maker machine, I added one more toy into my kitchen gadget collection, Panasonic  Breadmaker. 

Why Panasonic ? 

  • Comes with seperate yeast & raisins dispenser
  • Tall & Compact compared to other bulky breadmaker
  • Popular among Bakers which means it’s easier to find recipes that should work 
  • Easy to use 

Making bread and noodles at home have been a Breeze. Also there are many interesting recipes to try out. All I need is a digital scale & proven recipe. Panasonic breadmaker comes with a recipe book. 

Here’s first attempt. My loaf of homemade bread was ready at 12.27am! 

The light brown crust was so lovely. 

All I did was simply put the ingredients into the breadmaker machine. Then leave the breadmaker to Kneading, Rise, Rest and Bake. 2 hours later, a beep sound is heard. My bread officially ready. Woohoo! 

As the hour was late and I was so eager to see the inside of my bread, I did not wait for the bread to cool. Cutting the crust comes with lots of tiny crumbs. Say hi to the beautiful white inside. 

To welcome my homemade bread, I went daiso to get gloves and a bread slicer. Need some practice with the bread slicer. 

Close to 1am, I was bursting with excitement and I got sleepy Bret to try our homemade bread. After a bite, he appeared surprised more awake & nodded with approval.  Since teenage years, he would be the first to taste my adventurous bake or cooking 🙂 

In my opinion,the texture of basic recipe for Rapid Bread is not as soft compared to commercial bread and a bit dry too. Just spread on some peanut butter or Nutella, the bread is all good. Without preservatives, homemade bread can only last for 2-3 days. Best to store the bread in airtight container. 

Within a week, I bought 3 kitchen toys. Mil and mum were wondering if my pregnancy hormones have made me kitchen appliance shopper-addict. Lol. Well, I was just drawn to the benefits of making fresh noodles & bread for my family. 

Although this is my first entry for breadmaker, I have already explored few recipes. Shall post them in time. 

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