Kuvings – Beauty Juice 

A Friend was sharing with me the many benefits of pomegranate. It’s an ancient fruit with high anti-Aging components, woman’s Best Friend. Just Google the amazing benefits and you’ll be motivated add this exotic fruit into your regular diet. 

Shared what I heard with B & she was on the look out for the fruit too. 

We have tried pomegranate from Australia & India, the latter is sweeter. 

Strawberries – helps to remove toxins from cells, blemises & pigmentation. Keeps one hydrated and for pregnant woman, good for strong bones & tooth development. 

Blueberries – contain highest antioxidant capacity among fruits & vegetables. Memory booster & combat urinary tract infection. 

Both fruits are collagen boosters which means help to delay wrinkles and sagging development under eye area & skin. 

This combination of strawberries, blueberries and pomegranate is on the sour side. Otherwise there is so much goodies in this beauty juice.  

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