Shopping for Baby Boy at Expo – May 2016 

There was a baby fair at expo towards end of April. Carrying my bump, I made a trip down with helpers and my parents. All the transactions were in cash and I spent quite a bit in this trip. 

Gotten the sleek Philips 4-in-1 Steriliser & bottle warmer bundle pack. I like the grey & white design. And some bibs! 

My Favourite buy was Nuna Leaf Rocker. Managed to get it at $100 off the usual price. Got it for several reasons, one of which is that Leia can use it too! An award-winning rocker which can hold up to 60 kg. Easily, my sis helped me to assemble the rocker. As expected, my girl is using it now.. Swinging herself left to right as she watches YouTube on ipad. 

My mum and mil have started their grandson shopping too. Lots of stuffs and await little man arrival. 

There’s another baby fair coming up in June. I’ll probably be home for confinement. The good thing is … online pre-orders available now.,

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