Philips Noodle Maker – Simple Ramen for Leia 

Few years back, a friend of mine purchased the gadget and posted pictures of her fresh homemade noodles. However its only recently when another friend a full-time Mother whose into organic, told me her preschoolers love the homemade noodles.. That got me interested. 

Within a week, I made a decision to bring home a Philips noodle maker. The beginning of preservatives-free noodles. 

With just flour, salt & water … my family & I get to enjoy fresh noodles within 8 minutes! Leia get to “play” & witnessed how our noodles are made. To create bouncy noodles, I would give the blanched noodles an icy cold bath. 

Using Dashi & Miso Paste for broth, I made a very simple ramen soup for Leia & she finished all of it! 

Philips provide noodle maker receipe book. We can make carrot noodles or even beetroot pene. 

So far, I’ve made pork shabu shabu ramen & chicken curry noodle for Bret using Philips noodle maker. Gonna try making my own macaroni & spagetti. 

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