K2 Spelling Revision in 10 Mins – May 2016 

On weekends, I have a job and its my least favourite….But I have to do what I need to do. That is to teach Leia spelling & … I introduce the words through games. It’s more effective for Leia. Besides fun, we get to accomplish the revision in an average of 10 mins. 

Step 1: Read the words

I would list down the spelling words and have my girl to read them first. This allow me to know which words to work on. 

Step 2: Fill in the blanks 

After reading the words together, it’s time for some games. My girl loves challenges. Here’s Leia filling in the correct letters for each word. 

Step 3: Jumbled Words 

If the words are manageable, I’ll move on to another game. It can be difficult but when she gets answer right, it gives her a positive boost towards learning. 

Step 4: Spelling Test 

I bought exercise books from Popular bookstore. At the moment, I’m using two books for English Spelling & Chinese Spelling. 

For Chinese Spelling Revision, the steps are similar except I have “Spot the difference”

Personally, I find it easier to teach Leia spelling with whiteboard. She is more keen and we get to have fun too. So that’s my 10 min spelling revision. And she was able to score full marks. Thank God! 

I really look forward to the day where she learns spelling test on her own. 

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