Grandma Audrey Birthday 2016

This year we booked a private room at Ju Shin Jung for my mum’s birthday. I noticed my gal likes Korean/Japanese rice. She could eat non-stop till the bowl is empty. 

She was in a very good mood knowing its her loving grandma Audrey birthday & family gathering. 

For the meat lovers.. siblings were busy feasting as we have our usual family conversation with laughter. 

In the private room, the waitress would suggest bbq the meat outside then served to us. We took the suggestion but the wait was Long so we requested to have our food bbq in the room. Much better. 

I brought along ipad in case Leia gets bored. 

In her ipad, there’s no internet for YouTube so she gets occupied with educational apps like “To Do Maths”. 

All in all, my family enjoyed the hearty buffet lunch. Evening time, we had a cake celebration at my parents place. Bro bought the cake from Yamazaki. 

Happy birthday Mummy! Wishing you best of health & more celebrations to come. 

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