Come Back, Mister

Bret told me his female colleagues are crazy over the young boy in Descendants of the Sun. We watched an episode and thats it … as we are not into soldiers & love story. Instead, we watched “Come back, Mister” by Rain. From the first few episodes, we were drawn by the reality of fathers who worked too hard at the expense of sacrificing family time, health and even life.

The plot: A family man overexerted himself at work, overlooking the promises he made to his wife due to work commitment. One night, he accidentally fell from his company roof top and died. He was given a chance to return to earth as a handsome young man at a limited time. The rule, he is not allowed to reveal his true identity. Back as “Rain”, he tried to date his wife again, fulfil the promises he made to her and be there for their daughter. The heart-wrenching scenes between the father as “Rain” and his daughter sent tears rolling down our cheeks. Otherwise some of the scenes can be really hilarious, bringing us lots of laughter. As usual, there was a twist of fate too.

Watching this drama, I saw a difference in Bret. He talks about dates and have been unusually sweet. Have a feeling its related to “Come Back, Mister”.

A drama to reflect life reminding husbands to cherish family time.

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