Routine with essential oils 

Last week I started a routine with Leia. I would diffuse essential oil in our room and have her smell the relaxing mist released from diffuser before I massage her feet. Theraputic even for 5 year old.

For day, “Lemon” helps to energise us. In the night, I apply “Thieves” & “Lavender” with Carrier Oil on her feet and back. “Thieves” help to boost her immune system & tonight I shared the story of “Thieves” with her. She was amazed and asked “Is this story real?”. My reply “Yes.”

Like her parents, she adores massage especially on the back.

Once she whined about tummy-ache so I rubbed some “Gentle Baby” on her stomach. A soft, fragrance for expectant mothers and baby. I can already imagine myself applying “Gentle Baby” on the tiny foot of my coming newborn boy.

My daily & favourite oil, “Lavender”. Every night Bret applies Lavender oil on my soles to help me sleep through till morning. I need to stock up again. Besides relaxation, I also use it when someone at home got burnt by hot water, insect bite or superficial injury.

Last week at his work place, Bret accidentally sprained his feet. He returned home with a swell and pain at the injured area. It was quite bad, I saw discolouration which probably indicates poor blood circulation. For 2 consecutive nights, I rubbed his feet with “PanAway” and “Copaiba” to ease the pain. We saw improvements. Not just physical injury, our relationship further deepened with massage.

Still, young living essential oils may not work well for everyone but it does for our family even for my Mother-in-law. I gave her peppermint & lavender roll-ons in case of headache & discomfort. For my mum, I gave her a diffuser & lavender oil.

Love making our house smell like spa 🙂

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