Pete’s Place

Had a gathering with one of my favourite ladies on earth. Here’s me 7 months pregnant with baby no. 2, in a cab and on my way to town. 

The photo angle & photo filters were really kind. I’m much chubbier in person! 

My first time at Pete’s Place, located at basement of Grand Hyatt. The ladies have been here many times and I was told the restaurant is popular for lunch. When the seafood spagetti was served, I was totally won over. The best I’ve had. 

We ordered a few main course to share. Seafood spagetti was not enough for us so we distract our food desire with juicy catch ups. It’s been almost a year since we met. Before we part, we just have to take some pictures to capture the moment. 

Hien and Kei, highly talented and thoughtful ladies. 

Eileen, a great mentor and friend! 

In our previous gathering, we talked about Travelling to Okinawa with our families together. I’m looking forward to this day. I’ll remind them! 

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