First Collection 

One morning, my Mother accompanied me to Le Creuset family sales. There was a queue even before the door was opened. At 10.30am, the sales begun. 

Besides fun-looking, pastel wares, we saw chic dedicated mothers and groups of Japanese & Korean mothers. Carrying my baby bump, the ladies were exceptionally kind and careful when near me. As the crowd gets more intensed, I had to step out of the room for breather. Thankful my Mother was with me. She helped me picked some stonewares which she personally likes a lot.

An hour passed, we walked out with heavy shopping bags. In need for breakfast to fill our stomach. We shared an Ultimate All-Day Breakfast with my dear Mother. 

Happy mum and happy me. I have my first collection of Le Creusets. 

Quite a load…mainly stoneware. Gotten a honey pot for my Yuzu citron tea and many more. 

Evening time, Leia had her dinner served in pink lovely dinner set. Visually satisfying, she was in awe and finished everything. 

The following day I prepared a simple breakfast. Leia requested for soft-boiled egg & I surprised with her a lavender setting. 

On the table was pretty ramekin and cookies in flower bowl. 

Shall post my chiffon pink buffet cassorole in time 🙂 

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