Surprise from Big Sister-To-Be

My parents and I picked Leia from school. As usual she’s always beaming with joy after school. Today was special, she had something for me.

Wearing a sweet and shy smile, Leia said “This is for didi (Brother)”. I wanted to show her grandparents the hand drawn picture however she was shy and insisted only I can read

Love everything she wrote and drew in this meaningful picture. A heartwarming gift from my firstborn to her baby Brother.. I do have a strong feeling the siblings will be very close in future.

Through Leia’s school teachers, we get to know that she talks about her coming baby Brother in school.  Sharing her experience feeling baby kicks & updates on the countdown of her little Brother arrival.

At home she asked “how many more days will didi be out?” This evening, my reply “30 days” and she started using her fingers to count. Before bedtime, I hugged Leia in bed as she gently sang to my baby bump. Tonight she picked “Twinkle twinkle little star”. Then I put her little hand on my stomach where little baby kicked. She covered her mouth with awe each time he does a “high-5” to her.

Await the big day.

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