Petit Bateau Baby Clothings – Apr 16

At 32 weeks, my baby bump is obvious & big now. Everyone have been asking me a question, “Have you bought all the newborn baby stuffs?” I replied readily, “No” next I received the wide-eye jaw dropping look. Had a talk with Best Friend B, she convinced me to be prepared & listed the necessary items I will need for second baby.

Last Sunday, I finally told Bret that it’s time to get newborn clothings for our little boy. He was all good even if we have to head town for our shopping.

I like Petit Bateau. When other parents were looking at newborn girls clothings, I actually envied them because the floral and pastel pink were so pretty. I had my time…6 years ago. Now it’s all baby boy shopping.

It was also a good time to get Leia new clothings from Petit Bateau.

Returned home, I showed Bret our children’s clothings. He let out a smile, “so cute”. The bliss of welcoming a baby in our family. Another question I have been asked all the time, “Is Leia excited?” Yes, she is looking forward. Every other day, she kisses my bump and whispers “I love you didi”. Leia has been very sensible reminding me not to bend and etc.

1 more month to go… More things to get.

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