Kuvings – Watermelon Juice 

One evening, I invited Cousin Evan and her girls came over for dinner. My dear Cousin brought a very sweet & juicy watermelon. I made juice of it and was blown away.   

 The watermelon juice tasted so good I have to ask where did she get the watermelon. So far, Kuvings slow juicer have been producing quality, tasty juice. 

I like that the juice has minimal foam and does not seperates for hours. Mil told me the juice was still looking fresh even after following morning. The Colour of the juice is brilliant & original. Last but not least, taste was concentrated with natural sweetness of the fruit.
Every weekend, I will make fruit juice for my family. Last week, I made Rockmelon + Blueberries Juice. Everyone has just a glass and the remaining was stored in the fridge. Next day, I poured the juice into a smaller container for mil to bring to work. She loves juice and appreciates the goodness of fruits. 

Slow juicer, one of my best kitchen investments. 

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