Sunday Homework 

After CMA class, I surprised Leia with a Zootopia magazine. She loves the movie especially Judy Hoppes. But I told her she can only unwrap the magazine after she completes her homework. Leia agreed without any hesitation.  


Leia sees CMA homework as an activity at home and has no issue completing her work on her own. Upon completion, I’ll do a check and recently she’s been a little more careless than usual. Need to reinforce the importance of checking before submission. As promised, I opened the sealed the magazine for her. 


Zootopia magazine has comics that’s more suitable for 7 to 8 years old onwards. Leia did some colouring of the characters and I had to read the comic strips to her. Unlike Micky Mouse Club Magazine, Leia is able to complete the activities like puzzles, maze, crosswords & etc independently. 

Currently my girl has been doing homework on bed with a white breakfast tray. She will request that I am beside her. At last trimester, I prefer to lie down in bed and rest. Can’t sit or stand for too long. If I do, my legs and feet get swollen. At night, if I skip lavender oil on my soles I tend to visit the restroom too… disrupted sleep. 

Bret reminded me we are getting nearer to the big day. Counting down to meet our little boy. 

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