Revamped Shashlik Restaurant 

Have not been meeting my dear vbff, Caiyan until we called for a Wednesday Oxtail Lunch at the newly revamped Shashlik Restaurant. A day before, I made reservation knowing the restaurant is a popular choice for office crowd.

Our borsch soup… My gorgeous lunch date commented the soup is not as red & tasty as before.

Main course, Oxtail. I think its still good as before. 

And I just have to order my personal favourite… Baked Alaska.  

The dessert which motivates me to come back. I used to think it’s only available in the evening and weekends. Now I know I can enjoy this flaming ice cream cake for lunch too! 

The uncle whom I have seen since my first visit. He was preparing cherries jubilee dessert for another table. Maybe someday I should try.

Certainly a unique dining experience that brings warmth to the heart because of the staffs. 

Food was not served promptly … Our soup was served after main course, it was still fine for me because the staffs were really friendly and polite.  They had to handle overwhelming lunch crowd so just need to be a little more understanding.

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