Kuvings & Juice – Mar 16 

Finally … My slow juicer arrived. One of my constant pregnancy cravings, fruits. So I decided to invest in a good juicer.  
Comes with a recipe book else can refer to official website for online recipes. I’ve been pinning juice recipes in my Pinterest Juice Board. With pregnancy in mind, I have to be careful with the selection of fruits. 

Kuvings is a multi-purpose juicer. Not only can we make nutritious juices, we can make fresh soy milk, fruit jam, jelly and even baby food. 

 Here’s my first glass of juice, Grapes & Blueberries. I do not reccomend putting the bunch of grapes into the juicer although it’s possible. The branches may congest the grinder in the juicer. 

Compared to conventional juicer using high speed blades, the foam and liquid seperation were less likely to be seen in Kuvings juice.  Cold pressed juice helped to retain the original nutrients and Colour. 

I shared my joy with Best Friend B. She came over my place to try out the green Apple and Kale juice.   Apples always a safe choice for juicing. For health, I added kale into the juice. B tasted just Green Apples. And that’s one of the reasons to buy juicer. Adding vegetables into juice for more nutrients. 

For four consecutive week, I’ve been ordering fruits & veg from Open Taste. The organic fruits are cheaper and I can have them delivered to my place. Mil likes fresh juice too and she supports the idea of weekend juice too. Leia, a fruit lover is enjoying juicing too. 

Delicious, healthy juice is the quickest to add nutrients to your body. Best of all, brings positive emotions like energised and happy. 

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