Bunny & Leia – Mar 16 

Weekend morning, Leia takes her time to do anything she wants at home. One of her activities include feeding bunny. She likes to feed bunny pellet by hand. 

 Children are full of ideas. Leia decided to train our bunny… 

Our bunny reacts differently to everyone of us. He likes to be playful with Leia. Towards Bret he would bow for a forehead rub. When Bunny sees me from his cage, he stands anxiously knowing I am going to feed him daily vitamin. 

Everyday we will let him out at least 30 mins to exercise and hop around. In the morning, he likes to follow me wherever I go. Yet when the sun goes down and everyone is home, he just roam around the house freely. He likes to sneak into the forbidden area, balcony…   Time flies, bunny is 6 months old now. As an adult, he is toilet-trained and curious as ever. 

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