Bunny Grooming at Scruffiez

Once a month, we will bring bunny to grooming. In the month of March, Bret’s colleague Kevin booked appointments for our bunnies at Scruffiez. Before grooming session, bunny was given a health assessment which we appreciate greatly. 

Leia watched as our bunny underwent a check up.  


Bunny was cooperative. He appeared paranoid after his previous grooming at RHQ. This time, we can see that he’s in good hands. 


Kevin and his buddy, Alex took us to the mega farm mart to shop for pet stuffs. An eye-opener for us as our little family explored the mart together.  


After shopping, we picked up bunny. He smelled great with the colonge powder. Kevin said, “Like bubble gum”. Bret noted our next grooming appointment with Scruffiez. 

We have also changed to Momi Premium Hay. Bunny likes Momi very much. 

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