Jay Jay Jolly Holiday Camp: March 2016

On 18th March, Cousin Evan and I brought our girls to Jay Jay Jolly for Holiday Camp, “We Care Project”. Besides craft & story telling, each kid will create a unique chalkboard donating to underprivileged children.

Wearing an apron, the girls settled down to make their very own plane. Then Cousin Evan and I were off to run our own errands.   Around 6pm, Bret and I went to pick up Leia.  Her plane is ready !  Here’s their chalkboard for social work.  
And they brought home a folder and art pieces.   It’s Leia’s first full day workshop with her 2nd degree Cousin Isabella. She had fun learning kindness & compassion through social work & crafts.

Picture source from Jay Jay Jolly


More to come!

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