Essential Oils for Cold & Coughs

On Monday night, my dear hubby was having persistent coughs and running nose. I googled for Young Living remedy and I prepared the following essential oils:

First layer was Peppermint Oil followed by Lemon Oil and RC Oil. It was the first time I used RC Oil. At first impression, the smell of RC reminded me of insect repellant because of its eucalyptus content. The trio combination does smell good and I let him sniff the blend on my finger tips to relieve his blocked nose.

To boost his immune system, I rubbed some thieves on his soles too. The second round of application was just before he sleeps… Bret looked pampered & comfortable as I gently layered the essential oils on his throat, chest and soles. To clean and humidify the air, I diffused Lemon Oil and RC Oil in our air-conditioned room,

Picture source from The Half Crunchy Mom, Lots of useful information on Young Living Oils.


I see Young Living Essential Oils as plant medicine, natural alternative for my pregnancy and family.  Best thing was, I get to sleep throughout the night as Bret didn’t cough like he did during daytime.

Lavender Oil used to be my favourite until I’ve been using Lemon Oil. Loves the citrus, uplifting smell.

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