Cooking with Helper 

For my 2nd pregnancy, mil & my mum insisted we have a helper to take care of housework and baby-sitting. Mil chose a mature helper whom she knows personally for years. Our helper is reliable & good with cleaning however she has not been cooking for years.So last week, I was back in the kitchen to share my cooking knowledge with her.

And it pays, our helper has grasped the basis of Chinese cooking. Before I left home for work, I gave her a very simple written recipe for chicken wings. Returned home with Bret, we were welcomed with the aroma of air fried wings. Smelled really good!

I praised our helper who revealed the widest smile from her heart. She was encouraged and no longer as stressed in the kitchen.

Mil Recipe for Air Fried Wings 

1. Wash the wings with salt

2. Marinate with Oyster Sauce(more) Light Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil, Chinese Wine Pepper.

3. Refrigerate the marinated wings for at least an hour

4. Air Fry the wings at 180 degree 20 minutes. Toss the wings in between C

Above was my written recipe for our helper.

Next was Breakfast for Weekend, Century Egg with Lean Meat Congee.

Another easy receipe for my helper to cook on her own. To cook the congee, I told her to stir as much till the porridge reached a smooth consistency before adding the ingredients. In the morning she went to the market to get Youtiao (Fried Dough) for our toppings.

Leia helped to cut the fried dough toppings. The little girl likes to be involved in meal preparation.

And here’s our simple & yummy Chinese breakfast.


To be continued…

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