Juicing with Leia 

Two weeks ago, I visited my friend’s place. His lovely wife, May is pregnant too and will be delivering soon. She served an incredible strawberry juice. The colour of the juice was beautiful, does not oxidise & tastes amazing. I was intrigued and stepped into her kitchen. She introduced slow juicer and her reason for buying the juicer was because she does not eat green so she wants to add vegetables into her juice. When she told me the juicer cost few hundreds, I thought I wouldn’t be interested anymore…

Until I was home idling, I looked up slow juicer on YouTube. The video demos & information changed my views about slow juicer. Few days later, slow juicer was on my shopping list. I asked May for her advice ordered Kuvings Slow Juicer from Q0010 during Group Buy. The thing about online shopping, have to wait till my item is delivered. Getting anxious.. I took out my Philips Viva Juicer to make tasty multi-vitamin drinks for my family.

The night before, I got my helpers to wash & clean the juicer, soaked the fruits with water & white vinegar. Following morning, Leia woke me up “Juice,Juice!”   

Beginner Juice : Apple Juice

1 cup = 2 Red Apples + 1 Green Apple

Leia Juice : Strawberry & Grapes Juice

3/4 Jug = 1 bunch of Grapes + 7 Strawberries   

Leia suggested the combination. After half a glass of Apple Juice, Mil had wanted just a sip of Leia Juice but in the end, she finished a glass.

Tastes better than Apple Juice! During bedtime, Leia and I talked about juicing. My eyes widened when she asked to add celery and broccoli into our juice. Yeah it was in my plan.

Juice makes one feel refreshing & happy knowing you are doing something good to your body.

For now, I intend to make weekends our juicing day.

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