Surprise from Big Sister-To-Be

My parents and I picked Leia from school. As usual she’s always beaming with joy after school. Today was special, she had something for me.

Wearing a sweet and shy smile, Leia said “This is for didi (Brother)”. I wanted to show her grandparents the hand drawn picture however she was shy and insisted only I can read

Love everything she wrote and drew in this meaningful picture. A heartwarming gift from my firstborn to her baby Brother.. I do have a strong feeling the siblings will be very close in future.

Through Leia’s school teachers, we get to know that she talks about her coming baby Brother in school.  Sharing her experience feeling baby kicks & updates on the countdown of her little Brother arrival.

At home she asked “how many more days will didi be out?” This evening, my reply “30 days” and she started using her fingers to count. Before bedtime, I hugged Leia in bed as she gently sang to my baby bump. Tonight she picked “Twinkle twinkle little star”. Then I put her little hand on my stomach where little baby kicked. She covered her mouth with awe each time he does a “high-5” to her.

Await the big day.

Petit Bateau Baby Clothings – Apr 16

At 32 weeks, my baby bump is obvious & big now. Everyone have been asking me a question, “Have you bought all the newborn baby stuffs?” I replied readily, “No” next I received the wide-eye jaw dropping look. Had a talk with Best Friend B, she convinced me to be prepared & listed the necessary items I will need for second baby.

Last Sunday, I finally told Bret that it’s time to get newborn clothings for our little boy. He was all good even if we have to head town for our shopping.

I like Petit Bateau. When other parents were looking at newborn girls clothings, I actually envied them because the floral and pastel pink were so pretty. I had my time…6 years ago. Now it’s all baby boy shopping.

It was also a good time to get Leia new clothings from Petit Bateau.

Returned home, I showed Bret our children’s clothings. He let out a smile, “so cute”. The bliss of welcoming a baby in our family. Another question I have been asked all the time, “Is Leia excited?” Yes, she is looking forward. Every other day, she kisses my bump and whispers “I love you didi”. Leia has been very sensible reminding me not to bend and etc.

1 more month to go… More things to get.

Pregnancy Cravings #6 – Fried Carrot Cake & Fried Kway Teow 

Yesterday B and I were together for lunch till dinner. We managed to do facial together at Ivy’s. She’s really skilful as always. The only thing is… Her room is tucked in a really old Neighbourhood hair salon. Pretty noisy & uncool environment. But for Ivy, we will be there. 

After facial, I told B I want to eat Fried Kway Teow at my Favourite stall, Tampines 201. We ordered Black & White Fried Carrot Cake too. 

Hearty dinner. Satisfied !  

Kuvings – Watermelon Juice 

One evening, I invited Cousin Evan and her girls came over for dinner. My dear Cousin brought a very sweet & juicy watermelon. I made juice of it and was blown away.   

 The watermelon juice tasted so good I have to ask where did she get the watermelon. So far, Kuvings slow juicer have been producing quality, tasty juice. 

I like that the juice has minimal foam and does not seperates for hours. Mil told me the juice was still looking fresh even after following morning. The Colour of the juice is brilliant & original. Last but not least, taste was concentrated with natural sweetness of the fruit.
Every weekend, I will make fruit juice for my family. Last week, I made Rockmelon + Blueberries Juice. Everyone has just a glass and the remaining was stored in the fridge. Next day, I poured the juice into a smaller container for mil to bring to work. She loves juice and appreciates the goodness of fruits. 

Slow juicer, one of my best kitchen investments. 

Gyu Kaku with Cousin Evan 

Cousin Evan and I went Gyu Kaku for lunch. There’s no buffet lunch so we ordered Ala-carte beef. One of which is, Waygu.

Beef over charcoal… Juicy and tender. Baby in tummy must be as happy as mummy. After our beefy lunch, we took a stroll at One KM mall. Told Cousin Evan about my intention to borrow a book for reading and she passed me hers…

 Will be meeting Cousin Evan more often before she returns to Zurich. Our girls really like to hang out together. She called them the quirky 2nd degree cousins…  Isabella is a year younger and she adores Leia’s cold jokes. Put them together we can hear really loud laughter.

Creating childhood memories from Zurich to Singapore.

Revamped Shashlik Restaurant 

Have not been meeting my dear vbff, Caiyan until we called for a Wednesday Oxtail Lunch at the newly revamped Shashlik Restaurant. A day before, I made reservation knowing the restaurant is a popular choice for office crowd.

Our borsch soup… My gorgeous lunch date commented the soup is not as red & tasty as before.

Main course, Oxtail. I think its still good as before. 

And I just have to order my personal favourite… Baked Alaska.  

The dessert which motivates me to come back. I used to think it’s only available in the evening and weekends. Now I know I can enjoy this flaming ice cream cake for lunch too! 

The uncle whom I have seen since my first visit. He was preparing cherries jubilee dessert for another table. Maybe someday I should try.

Certainly a unique dining experience that brings warmth to the heart because of the staffs. 

Food was not served promptly … Our soup was served after main course, it was still fine for me because the staffs were really friendly and polite.  They had to handle overwhelming lunch crowd so just need to be a little more understanding.

Kuvings – Fresh Soy Milk 

I was excited about making my very own soy milk. Followed Kuvings recipes. First, soaked the soy beans for at least hours then boil the beans.   Let it cool a while and we are ready to juice/grind the beans. 1 part beans + 1 part water.

I can drink unsweetened fresh soy milk. For my family, I added some sugar.

 My mum and Bret said, “Just nice! Not too sweet!”

Feeling accomplished.