Pre-Natal Massage by Hatti

A good friend of mine, Karen and I were chatting on whatsapp and the topic was about pregnancy. She is a beautiful, petite mother of two lovely children. I told her about my lower backache in this pregnancy and she gave me a contact for house call pre-natal massage.

2 days after my pre-natal massage, I decided to contact Hatti. I was hoping to fix my cellulite with traditional jamu massage.

“Within a short period, I get to enjoy two massages in a week! I had a relaxing home facial by Sammie Facial Therapist too. Bret thinks I sure know how to pamper myself in my birthday week!”

Back to massage, I laid on my side hugging a bolster with towel on my body. Before the session began, I asked if there’s anything I can do with cellulite, she said, “Its difficult now because you’re pregnant and after you deliver, you will need to wait for 4 months before you can have hard massage or exercise.” Meanwhile, I’ll just apply lemon oil to combat the nasty fat cells.

As Hatti worked on my leg and thighs, I could feel firm and good pressure. As she moved on to my arms and fingers, I felt the nerves were relaxed. My palm was blushing pink as she massaged my hands. I like the facial and head massage too. Shortly after Hatti left, I headed to the toilet. Detox! No wonder Karen highly recommend her!

I’m going to book her again!

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