Pregnancy Cravings #5: Mookata

Sbff was on leave and she was really nice to accompany me to Bugis Junction for my cravings. We had lunch buffet which was affordably priced. 

I love the broth best. The marinated beef was alright, had better ones. I requested adds-ons for fish & squid. 


Sbff and I took our time to catch up as we feast on our yummy thai bbq steamboat. I love both bbq & steamboat and we had best of both worlds for lunch. I ate more vegetables and fish. Still, not a healthy option, mookata is my once-in-a-while treat. And lunch was on me because I had promised E that I would give her a mookata treat. It was Long time ago and we didn’t get to fulfil due to our schedule. I still remember my promise and it sure feels good to keep my words! 

This mookata restaurant invested in better exhaust so we didn’t walk out smelling bad 🙂 A sinful treat with bonus. 

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