Leia loves Maths 

Leia likes to attend CMA Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Classes. The enrichment class has helped to grow her interest in Maths. Of all the assessment books, she likes Maths best. I got my little girl to practice checking her work to minimise careless mistakes.

On her own, she uses various counting methods for addition & finished all by herself. Somehow, Leia prefers to use mental arithmetic for maths.

As I mark her work, Leia derived tremendous satisfaction when I graded full marks.

Leia finds joy in doing assessment or activity books. She understands she may not always get full marks and feels encouraged if she does. Bret and I shared the importance of adopting a positive attitude towards academic and anything. Doesn’t matter if you get full marks, bake the most delicious cake or winning a game, you have to enjoy the process of achieving what you want with the best effort. Give your best and leave the rest to God.

I guess girls are good with literacy and books… till my boy is out, I will experience the “boy world”.

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