Young Living Essential Oil – Lemon & Lavender

Almost every night I will diffuse Lavender essential oil in my bedroom for relaxation. Applying on my soles have been effective for me to sleep through the night. My solution for pregnancy insommia. 

 In the morning I will diffuse Lemon Essential oil to freshen my mood & soul. Working from home have never been more uplifting. This morning, I applied Lemon Essential oil with V6 Carrier Oil on my thighs. 

Benefits of lemon oil: 

  • Improves circulation 
  • lymphatic system cleanser 
  • Dissolves cellulite

By evening time, I noticed a smoother surface. The uneven dimples on my thighs were gone. Cool. I like the smell and truly hope the waste in cells were eliminated. 

Have shortlisted a few essential oils to get for coming month. 

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