Library & Activity Books Labelling

Having a helper can bring many benefits such as less time on chores, more quality time with my girl. Leia & I bond by doing arts & craft, reading, assessment books and gourmet. I try to visit the library at least once a month. Storybooks teleports us to different worlds and Leia gets to learn new vocabulary words too. 

Previously my helper tends to put away the library books in different shelvings. And I didn’t like that I have to search every shelves for the books. So I printed a “library books” label, making it easier to keep or find the library books.

Currently, the other bins are filled with toys. There are many toys which Leia does not play anymore. For toy, she likes to play Lego & Shopkins now. Otherwise, she prefers to do arts & crafts, reading or do activity books these days. 

My weekend project includes reorganising the shelves with books & art supplies. 

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