Couple Massage at Theresa Beauty 

Bret took leave on the day after his birthday. We had a long-waited massage treat for us at Theresa Beauty. During first pregnancy, I was keen in Pre-Natal Massage but I didn’t try as I was told the pressure applied would be very mild. In this pregnancy, I read reviews, listened to my aching body and decided to went ahead. 

We were welcomed with a cup of tea and was asked if we would like to top-up additional cost for Bret’s lymphatic massage as well as detox serum to reduce water retention. We did not take up both offers…

Ushered into our couple room to change and get ready for massage. This is the smallest & simplest couple room we ever had. The Chinese massage Therapists were polite and professional in explaining the steps. 

For pre-natal massage, I would have to lie on my side as she kneaded and massaged my legs & back. Her pressure was acceptable and not as mild as I thought. Also she initiated small talks about my pregnancy. She told me my blood circulation at thigh area is poor, cellulite building up. Oh no… Need to do something yet is there anything I can do about it now? 

Our couple massage session cost $124 and was supposed to be 60mins. The therapists ended a little later. We felt the massage was alright but not to a point we get motivated to return. 

As expected, the sales consultation gently persuaded us to take up a massage package. We didn’t because Bret does not like package and from experience, beauty salon tends to upsell something in each session. I don’t like the feeling of turning them down neither the obligated feeling. 

After the session, I am determined to contact a highly reccomended housecall pre-natal massage therapist. 

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