Mr Khoo Birthday – 2016

Our birthday is three days apart. Leia woke up greeting her dear daddy “Happy Birthday!” For lunch, we went Goodwood Park Hotel and our stomachs were growling. The hunger was soon satisfied with delicious food at Shima.   

Leia: “I love everything!” She finished her bowl of garlic rice. Bret looked pleased with his meals too. We only had a round of the teppanyaki buffet … Couldn’t stomach anymore. Personally, I think the beef looks better than its taste. And I wished I could savour the endless flow of salmon sashimi. But no no… Until baby is out.  

Dessert was served at another table. Lemongrass Jelly…both Bret and Leia didn’t like the taste. But I do! Baby in tummy loves jelly. My Favourite teppanyaki was near Jurong Bird Park but too bad, the restaurant has closed down. 

After Lunch, we went to collect Mr Khoo’s birthday cake. Back home Leia asked to swim, her request was granted. Bret likes the pool and bonding time with his dear Daughter.     

Around 6pm, we set off to Long Beach King for dinner with mil, my parents & Sis Jasmine. Ordered two crabs prepared in Black Pepper 


 & Chilli Style…  we all love the gravy… Slurp!   

Then steamed Seabass in Hong Kong style.. I had most of the fish. The sauce is very tasty.     

Steamed prawns… One of my parents all-time Favourite.     

There were other dishes too. Last dish was desserts..Presented with dry ice.    

 Done with dinner, it was time to sing birthday song. I told Bret,”You’re my Superman!” He grinned and took picture of the cake so he can show his buddies.   


Simple and cozy birthday celebration with family. 

Just before bedtime, I served a bowl of bird nest to the birthday boy.     

The bird nest soup was prepared by both my Mother and mil 🙂 

Happy Birthday Mr Khoo! 

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