Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Pen from Mr Khoo 

Even though I knew Bret for 12 years, there’s more to learn about him after we vowed to live happily ever after forever. One of which, I didn’t realise he would nag at my personal shopping expenses … especially signing up facial or spa packages. Even if I used my own savings, he thinks I’m being extravagant or addicted to packages. Comforting to know, this is quite a normal behaviour for most husbands out there. 

Yet when it comes to gifts, Bret is still the same. A doting partner if he thinks I need it, he will just get the item & often I am surprised by with his decision. This year, I received a gift very precious from him. 

Mont Blanc Meisterstuck White Solitaire Classique Pen   

A gift I didn’t expect from Bret. It was pen I intended to get myself. Receiving as a gift from my dear hubby touches my heart deeply. That feeling of “How would he know I had my eyes on the white pen?” amazes me. We really know each other well 🙂 

This is my third Mont Blanc pen and all of three brings a different level of encouragement towards my career milestones.

Thank you Mr Khoo. 

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