Sushi Goshin with H & E

Alas, I get to meet my dearest H & E. We have a groupchat but nothing beats meeting in person. Before H joined us, E & I met at Marche… I love the rosti best. E had rosti too!

 Then we walked over to Robinsons Orchard. H introduced Goshin Japanese located at the basement. Pretty open and looking at the menu, I was reminded of Akashi. Until H joined us, she affirmed Goshin was under Akashi Group.

For main, I ordered Sukiyaki and was disappointed that it doesn’t come with a burner. Being pregnant, I prefer my food to be hot. The ingredients and soup weren’t exactly warm, certainly not close to hot.
 H highly reccomended the Foie Gras sushi which I looked forward to.   Literally melt in my mouth. Yummy! I would reccomend the sushi but not the main course.

After food, we had ladies talk and plenty to catch up within the limited time frame. Nevertheless, we had a great time because of each other.

Thank you girls for the Birthday Gifts and early celebration 🙂

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