Young Living Premium Starter Kit 

When I’m pregnant, I am more wary of chemicals & what I eat. Since my positive experience with Young Living Peppermint Oil, I read up a bit more on other Young Living essential oils to manage discomfort caused by pregnancy hormones. Cousin Evan bought the Premium Starter Kit that comes with free diffuser. She invited me over to her place to smell the oil & I fell in love with Lavender. My Cousin is not a distributor, she is a member and I will need her help to get myself some oils. Both of us wanted to be just users, nothing more. 

I had a week to consider what I need from Young Living. She brought me to the head office at Bugis and guided me through the buying process. Quite a while and I was pleased to get the Starter & Premium kit.   

Dew drop Diffuser is not only a diffuser, it acts as a humidifier too. Perfect for my room. I’ve also gotten roll-ons for easy application when I’m out. Seriously, I only like the smell of Lavender Essential Oil.. Likely, it’s because of my pregnancy hormones causing me to turn away from the rest. Cousin Evan likes the smell for most of the oil. 

Bret had witnessed how effective peppermint oil worked for our family so he didn’t jump at my new collections. Usually he will grumble at my spendings but not this time. Honestly I didn’t read much on why buy Young Living etc but I trust words of mouth from people I know and real testimonials of mothers. I would read up on the purpose of each oil to make sure it’s safe to use them for my pregnancy and Leia. 

So far, I have used …

– Peppermint Oil for headaches, dizzy spells, nausea, tiredness & insect bite on Leia’s leg. External application on Temples & inhalation. 

– Lavender Oil on my soles solved my insommia effectively. Bret applied for me before sleep and I entered dreamland in no time till next morning. Tried on Leia’s insect bite, not as effective. 

– Pan away oil is also known as Pain away. Smells like sore muscle reliever oilment. Bret applies with carrier oil (v6) on my aching lower back. Pain was reduced much but not totally. 

– Digize oil helped to calm and relax my stomach after a heavy meal. I have poor digestion during pregnancy and this oil works wonders for me. Diluted with carrier oil, Bret gently rubs the oil clockwise on my upper stomach & soles. 

To me, Young Living Essential Oil are plant medicines. A natural alternative and I have benefited. But every body is unique, you or your child may require different oil or may not work at all. Hence when my friends asked about essential oils, I suggested giving them samples to try. If it works, great. Otherwise they just have explore other essential oils or medications.

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