Pregnancy Cravings #4: My Sister Bakes 

My baby boy has sweet tooth and says no to bitter herbal soup. The exact opposite of me. From young, I always love herbal soup but now I have a hard time finishing a bowl. On the contrast, Desserts and Cakes never excite me until Now… 6 months, 2nd pregnancy. I told Bret.. must be his DNA. 

So one fine day I was exploring Instagram pictures then I spotted the most beautiful floral cream cakes from My Sister Bakes. Fascinated by the designs I showed Bret and he was impressed too. Craving for the cakes came strong, I was determined to try out their cakes which were only available for takeaway during weekends. 

Bret always like a Super laidback weekend and food hunt ain’t his thing. Knowing he would anything do for his little ones, I motivated him “Baby wants to eat. I have never like cakes, you know it.” 

So here we are for the first time! 


Situated at a quiet MacPherson Neighbourhood, it not difficult to find. The cakes looked enticing and I chose After Eight & Earl Grey. 

During tea time at home, Bret and I had a taste of our cakes. When we opened the boxes, the cakes were lying down. !   

Fillings look neat and promising. Taste wise, moist and flavourful. He is a fan of peppermint & chocolate while I am into tea. I could taste earl grey in every bite. Wonderful! 

I am a cream cake lover, My Sister Bakes is currently top on my list for cakes. 

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