Home Cooked: Agadeshi Tofu 

I have tofu in my fridge so I stocked up Japanese condiments to make Agedashi Tofu for Bret. He has a thing for this Japanese side dish.

To cook Japanese food, you will need the 4 main ingredients:

  • Japanese Soy Sauce
  • Mirin
  • Cooking Sake
  • Dashi

I used Rasa Malaysia Agedashi Tofu Recipe for my first attempt.

The sauce was alright but I reccomend using Potato Starch instead of Corn Flour to coat the silken tofu. Potato Starch should give a crispier texture.

Important note, you need to dry the tofu before coating the tofu cubes. As I ran out of scallions, I used seaweed and bonito flakes for topping. With Japanese condiments in my kitchen, I will be preparing more jap food.

The first ever dish I prepared for Bret was Cold Soba. He was 15 and was shocked to see green noodles on ice. Outcome was he enjoyed the noodles with soba sauce & seaweed.

It’s easy to fall in love with Japanese food.

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