Froot Loop Words & Little Bookmarks

In our last grocery shopping with Leia, the little girl asked to look for Froot Loops Cereal. Everyday now she is motivated to wake up for breakfast. And I had something more in mind..

Froot Loop Words  Leia have been trying to read words on signboards or labels. Her phonics improved greatly since she started K2. So I printed a Froot Loop Words template and asked her to pronounce the words as she fill in the blanks with Froot Loops.

She was able to pronounce all the words including words new to her. This is something we have not done before and Glad we did.

In the evening, we made little bookmarks.

 After Leia coloured the little figures, we cut them out and glued onto the Froot Loop cereal box to make them sturdier. Recycling, craft project with Leia. My daughter likes to activity books and reading. We talked about getting bookmarks and now we made our own. She has started using one of them for an activity book.

Gonna make bigger bookmarks next time.

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