Baby Chef: Mango Pudding 

Having baby boy, I actually crave for desserts. One of my Favourite premix dessert has to be Signwin Mango Pudding. I encouraged Leia to read the wordings on the box.

“Call me Chef” said Leia who poured the premix powder into the stainless still pot. She was focused and thrilled. Then I dissolve the premix powder with simmering water. When cooled, I showed Leia how to scoop the mixture into the dessert bowls.

There was no overspill, Leia did well. I don’t have jelly moulds maybe I should start looking at it. I got Leia to open our fridge and make space for our mango pudding. “Just like puzzle”, Leia relates the shifts for space to puzzle. Next, my girl carefully put the dessert bowls into the fridge to chill.

3 hours later, we were ready for our dessert.

 After dinner, our family of three enjoyed the mango pudding. Yummy.

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