Pre-Natal Massage by Hatti

A good friend of mine, Karen and I were chatting on whatsapp and the topic was about pregnancy. She is a beautiful, petite mother of two lovely children. I told her about my lower backache in this pregnancy and she gave me a contact for house call pre-natal massage.

2 days after my pre-natal massage, I decided to contact Hatti. I was hoping to fix my cellulite with traditional jamu massage.

“Within a short period, I get to enjoy two massages in a week! I had a relaxing home facial by Sammie Facial Therapist too. Bret thinks I sure know how to pamper myself in my birthday week!”

Back to massage, I laid on my side hugging a bolster with towel on my body. Before the session began, I asked if there’s anything I can do with cellulite, she said, “Its difficult now because you’re pregnant and after you deliver, you will need to wait for 4 months before you can have hard massage or exercise.” Meanwhile, I’ll just apply lemon oil to combat the nasty fat cells.

As Hatti worked on my leg and thighs, I could feel firm and good pressure. As she moved on to my arms and fingers, I felt the nerves were relaxed. My palm was blushing pink as she massaged my hands. I like the facial and head massage too. Shortly after Hatti left, I headed to the toilet. Detox! No wonder Karen highly recommend her!

I’m going to book her again!

Pregnancy Cravings #5: Mookata

Sbff was on leave and she was really nice to accompany me to Bugis Junction for my cravings. We had lunch buffet which was affordably priced. 

I love the broth best. The marinated beef was alright, had better ones. I requested adds-ons for fish & squid. 


Sbff and I took our time to catch up as we feast on our yummy thai bbq steamboat. I love both bbq & steamboat and we had best of both worlds for lunch. I ate more vegetables and fish. Still, not a healthy option, mookata is my once-in-a-while treat. And lunch was on me because I had promised E that I would give her a mookata treat. It was Long time ago and we didn’t get to fulfil due to our schedule. I still remember my promise and it sure feels good to keep my words! 

This mookata restaurant invested in better exhaust so we didn’t walk out smelling bad 🙂 A sinful treat with bonus. 

Leia loves Maths 

Leia likes to attend CMA Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Classes. The enrichment class has helped to grow her interest in Maths. Of all the assessment books, she likes Maths best. I got my little girl to practice checking her work to minimise careless mistakes.

On her own, she uses various counting methods for addition & finished all by herself. Somehow, Leia prefers to use mental arithmetic for maths.

As I mark her work, Leia derived tremendous satisfaction when I graded full marks.

Leia finds joy in doing assessment or activity books. She understands she may not always get full marks and feels encouraged if she does. Bret and I shared the importance of adopting a positive attitude towards academic and anything. Doesn’t matter if you get full marks, bake the most delicious cake or winning a game, you have to enjoy the process of achieving what you want with the best effort. Give your best and leave the rest to God.

I guess girls are good with literacy and books… till my boy is out, I will experience the “boy world”.

Library & Activity Books Labelling

Having a helper can bring many benefits such as less time on chores, more quality time with my girl. Leia & I bond by doing arts & craft, reading, assessment books and gourmet. I try to visit the library at least once a month. Storybooks teleports us to different worlds and Leia gets to learn new vocabulary words too. 

Previously my helper tends to put away the library books in different shelvings. And I didn’t like that I have to search every shelves for the books. So I printed a “library books” label, making it easier to keep or find the library books.

Currently, the other bins are filled with toys. There are many toys which Leia does not play anymore. For toy, she likes to play Lego & Shopkins now. Otherwise, she prefers to do arts & crafts, reading or do activity books these days. 

My weekend project includes reorganising the shelves with books & art supplies. 

Young Living Essential Oil – Lemon & Lavender

Almost every night I will diffuse Lavender essential oil in my bedroom for relaxation. Applying on my soles have been effective for me to sleep through the night. My solution for pregnancy insommia. 

 In the morning I will diffuse Lemon Essential oil to freshen my mood & soul. Working from home have never been more uplifting. This morning, I applied Lemon Essential oil with V6 Carrier Oil on my thighs. 

Benefits of lemon oil: 

  • Improves circulation 
  • lymphatic system cleanser 
  • Dissolves cellulite

By evening time, I noticed a smoother surface. The uneven dimples on my thighs were gone. Cool. I like the smell and truly hope the waste in cells were eliminated. 

Have shortlisted a few essential oils to get for coming month. 

Couple Massage at Theresa Beauty 

Bret took leave on the day after his birthday. We had a long-waited massage treat for us at Theresa Beauty. During first pregnancy, I was keen in Pre-Natal Massage but I didn’t try as I was told the pressure applied would be very mild. In this pregnancy, I read reviews, listened to my aching body and decided to went ahead. 

We were welcomed with a cup of tea and was asked if we would like to top-up additional cost for Bret’s lymphatic massage as well as detox serum to reduce water retention. We did not take up both offers…

Ushered into our couple room to change and get ready for massage. This is the smallest & simplest couple room we ever had. The Chinese massage Therapists were polite and professional in explaining the steps. 

For pre-natal massage, I would have to lie on my side as she kneaded and massaged my legs & back. Her pressure was acceptable and not as mild as I thought. Also she initiated small talks about my pregnancy. She told me my blood circulation at thigh area is poor, cellulite building up. Oh no… Need to do something yet is there anything I can do about it now? 

Our couple massage session cost $124 and was supposed to be 60mins. The therapists ended a little later. We felt the massage was alright but not to a point we get motivated to return. 

As expected, the sales consultation gently persuaded us to take up a massage package. We didn’t because Bret does not like package and from experience, beauty salon tends to upsell something in each session. I don’t like the feeling of turning them down neither the obligated feeling. 

After the session, I am determined to contact a highly reccomended housecall pre-natal massage therapist. 

Mr Khoo Birthday – 2016

Our birthday is three days apart. Leia woke up greeting her dear daddy “Happy Birthday!” For lunch, we went Goodwood Park Hotel and our stomachs were growling. The hunger was soon satisfied with delicious food at Shima.   

Leia: “I love everything!” She finished her bowl of garlic rice. Bret looked pleased with his meals too. We only had a round of the teppanyaki buffet … Couldn’t stomach anymore. Personally, I think the beef looks better than its taste. And I wished I could savour the endless flow of salmon sashimi. But no no… Until baby is out.  

Dessert was served at another table. Lemongrass Jelly…both Bret and Leia didn’t like the taste. But I do! Baby in tummy loves jelly. My Favourite teppanyaki was near Jurong Bird Park but too bad, the restaurant has closed down. 

After Lunch, we went to collect Mr Khoo’s birthday cake. Back home Leia asked to swim, her request was granted. Bret likes the pool and bonding time with his dear Daughter.     

Around 6pm, we set off to Long Beach King for dinner with mil, my parents & Sis Jasmine. Ordered two crabs prepared in Black Pepper 


 & Chilli Style…  we all love the gravy… Slurp!   

Then steamed Seabass in Hong Kong style.. I had most of the fish. The sauce is very tasty.     

Steamed prawns… One of my parents all-time Favourite.     

There were other dishes too. Last dish was desserts..Presented with dry ice.    

 Done with dinner, it was time to sing birthday song. I told Bret,”You’re my Superman!” He grinned and took picture of the cake so he can show his buddies.   


Simple and cozy birthday celebration with family. 

Just before bedtime, I served a bowl of bird nest to the birthday boy.     

The bird nest soup was prepared by both my Mother and mil 🙂 

Happy Birthday Mr Khoo!