Saviour – Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil

My fever & persistent cough lasted the whole day. Bret was worried for me and baby. The natural herbs pills prescribed by our tcm doctor were mild. Temperature was still high even after two rounds of medication. Not only was I physically weak, my neck and legs were aching in pain. Bret just recovered, he was not at his tip top condition too but he insisted on giving me a rub at my aching areas. Every 10 mins or so, my dear hubby made me drink water. 

Mentally I feel well because of his tender loving care but physically I am in tremendous discomfort. The dry coughings disrupted my rest till I experienced severe headache. For the sake of our baby, we wanted to go drug-free & refused the easily available Panadol. Bret suggested using ice to sponge my body. I was hesitant as my body was really hot. He wrapped the ice with a face towel and I thought it’s better I sponged myself. Temperature did went down but elevated again after a while. 

When it was sleeping time, Bret gently massaged my aching leg and feet. He commented my feet was hot & burning. Then I recalled Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil. 100% Pure Theraputic Grade. Have always been an effective fever reducer for Leia. Googled and learnt that it’s safe for pregnant women and I asked Bret to apply 2 drops on my feet. He gently rubbed my feet and in between toes. 

The minty sensation lowered my body temperature almost instantly like magic. Suddenly I was no longer feeling as weak. Read that Peppermint is also effective for : 

  • Headache
  • Sore Throat
  • Cough 
  • Blocked Nose 
  • Morning Sickness
  • Indigestion 

I applied a minimal amount of peppermint oil on my temples & forehead. It worked! Bret didn’t even need to massage my head to ease the pain. Then I rubbed a little on my congested chest for cough and throat. The dry coughings were no longer persistent and no more gasping for air to cough. 

Inhaled a little of peppermint oil, my blocked nose was clear I was finally able to rest for hours without much coughing. The pain in my throat was minimised tremendously too. I slept through the night with no rising body temperature. From time to time, my hubby will feel my forehead as he turned and tossed in bed. No fever. There are many types of essential oil from Young living and glad I bought Peppermint essential oil as it truly lives up to its name as Fever Reducer. 

My main intention of getting the essential oil was purely to support a friend who was a distributor. And I thought if I can go natural to relieve common illness..why not? But I wasn’t expecting much and for the initial months, the Peppermint & Thieves essential oils were shelved away like white elephant … until one late night Leia had fever. I decided to apply 1 drop of peppermint oil diluted with baby oil on her feet. She was looking comfortable as Bret & I gently massaged her little feet and soon we were amazed by the effectiveness. There was no need for medicine and kool fever. Since then Peppermint oil is kept by my bedside.  

I have a thieves essential oil meant for cough and cold as well as support immune system. My Friend reccomended ingesting 1 drop of thieves and honey water for cough. Tried a sip and I gave up. The taste was really awful.  And smell is dreadful for me so I never use it after one application. After my personal experience with peppermint oil, I read on about Thieves. 

Interesting findings, if one dislike the smell of particular essential oil then all the more he or she needs it. The toxins in body are sending message to the brain to avoid the application so they can continue to stay in the body. 

Will I grow to accept the smell ? I don’t know yet and I will never know until I try. 


  • If you are pregnant and unsure if you should use Young Living essential oil, consult your gynae for advice. 
  • Peppermint Essential Oil is not suitable for children below 5. You can check with Young Living distributors for suitable essential oil. 

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