Valentine’s Gift from Leia – 2016 

Yesterday Leia returned from school with two gifts. She went “Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s for Papa, Mama & me.” Every Friday there is gourmet lesson and long time since she bring her gourmet home. 

Besides gourmet, there’s a craft she did in school. Sweet gesture from Leia & her school. Also she scored full marks for her spelling again. I didn’t teach her as I was sick, Grandma Audrey went through with her on the day before spelling test.  

Good job my little girl! 

This year Valentine’s Day I told Bret if he has to get me flowers he only need to get single stalk. It’s the thought that count and he’s been ordering bouquets for years. I don’t keep the flowers and we can save money for more meaningful stuffs. 

Now that both of us are sick, we will be home on Sunday taking medication & eat something light. In a way, we are gonna remember this time. First time both sick on Valentine’s Day. 

All these 16 years, we will be there the entire time when one of us is sick. Knowing we care so much for each other, I’m contented. Living the vows, a life partner to share good times and bad times. 

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