Officially sick…

In the night of CNY day 4, I began to cough persistently. I had a very bad headache & neckache and couldn’t sleep. Woke up with fever when Bret was on his way to slight recovery. He felt bad to spread the virus to me and put in great effort to take care of me. Fever during pregnancy is tacky. It’s not recommended to take medication so we went for traditional Chinese medicine to bring down my temperature. 

Right now I’m still a little feverish as I blog. Didn’t want to move much especially out of home. Body temperature fluctuate and feeling weak. Bret and I had to cancel our cny gathering with friends. I had to give Ethan’s 1st birthday party a miss too. 

Bret is still feeling a little weak although he’s recovered from fever and cough. I hope the TCM pills will help me recover soon. 

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