Cny Day 3 – 2016

Since CNY day 2, Bret and I have been home. I accompanied him to the clinic to get medication and bought groceries for simple home cooked dishes. Made Old Cucumber and Pork ribs soup as well as Steamed Tofu with sauce for dinner. We’ve got Big Aunt yummy CNY Ngor Hiang too. 

Evening Leia joined my parents to Uncle Richard place. She wore an orange cheong sam and was so eager to leave home.   

I love her satin shoes. Glad that my Cousin post pictures of little ones together in our family groupchat. 

Here’s Leia & Leonard. Both in MindChamps but different location. I noticed good-looking Leonard is getting more and more outspoken.   
A picture for memory. The 3rd and fourth generation. Forming Cousin clique always  together playing in every family occasion.  
Bret was in very weak condition and I had to be there for him. Pity we couldn’t join in the family gathering so I had to pass the prepared red packets to my mum to exchange on my behalf.

It’s the first time we missed CNY and hope no more missing out for the many years to come. 

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