Cny Day 2 – 2016 

Typically, we will visit Bret’s Friend house in the afternoon & my Uncle’s house for evening. This time, Bret is down with fever and I am happy to be home nursing him. Bringing him medicine pills, water & anything he needs. 

Noon time, dad brought Double-Boiled chicken soup prepared by my mum. Leia and I indulged in our home cooked lunch while Bret had vermicelli with minced pork & abalone. It’s festive period so abalone was one of the ingredients for our meals. 

At 5 months pregnancy, I do get tired if I’m out for hours. So resting at home preparing comfort food for my loved ones was still a good idea for me. 

I made fresh scallops & abalone congee for dinner.  

1. Marinated the fresh scallops with slices of ginger, shaoxing wine, pepper, salt. 

2. Combine some abalone broth into the porridge 

3. Add the scallops & ginger at the desired porridge consistency. 

4. Simmer for 15 – 20mins and season with salt, sesame oil to taste 

 5. Topped with slices of abalone and mix to serve. I ran out of spring onions else would have added for garnish & taste. 

It’s really easy to make Scallops & Abalone congee. 

The fresh scallops were cut into cubes and with generous amount the porridge brings a soul-satisfying texture & taste. Also slices of abalone brings sweetness & sense of abundance. 

Leia likes her porridge with bits of barbecue pork. 

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