CNY Day 1 – 2016

On the first day of Chinese Lunar New Year, we visited 6 places. A yearly gathering with relatives greeting with mandarin oranges and giving out red packets to little children and cousins.

Leia and I took selfies at our 2nd visiting.

Leia is wearing a pink flower-lace cheongsam for day 1 and I wore a dress from spring maternity… Comfortable for my growing belly after marathon of steamboat & buffet.

My cny accessories for 2016.  Furla Metropolis the mini bag collection of Furla, the colour goes well with my wardrobe and iconic No. 52 YSL Rosy Coral lip colour to brighten up my complexion. Bret prefers lighter colour on my lips, I told him its the “Cheong song yi” lipstick.

At Uncle Alan’s place, we had another round of chinese delicacies. My mum catch up with her youngest brother and sister-in-law while Bret and I had a hearty chat with my siblings. Leia was intrigued by Zither, a Chinese music instrument. 

Also, we took a family picture with a beautiful monkey god backdrop.

In the evening, we brought mil, Cousin Karen and Leia to watch a meaningful movie “Long long time ago” directed by local talent Jack Neo at The Cathay. Leia’s first movie with mil and Cousin Karen as we returned to the kampung days of Singapore.  Many families with older generation turned up for the show. Mil sat beside her 5 year old grand daughter. We shared laughter, Leia stayed awake throughout and we all enjoyed the movie very much. On the way back, Mil reminisced her childhood times with her grandma.

Reached home at 9.30pm, Leia was asleep after a long day of visiting to several places. Mil and I had a cup of hot green tea as we savour the homemade pineapple tarts and love letters. Around midnight, it was time for me to rest and Bret’s friends just arrived for a poker gathering at our place till 4am.

So much so for our first day of chinese lunar new year … and I wish everyone a prosperous and fulfilling 2016 🙂

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